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Revealing Hope Ministries | Child Sponsorship
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Child Sponsorship

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Sponsorship Cares for the Whole Person

The child sponsorship program has over 250 children and early adolescents ranging from 3 to 14 years of age that have been identified as victims of displacement, violence within their family, sexual abuse, poverty, neglect or malnutrition.


Children receive assistance through educational programs to improve academic levels and accelerate learning curve.


A morning snack that for many would represent their breakfast. Lunch is provided daily, Monday- Friday.  Medication, school uniforms and supplies are also provided as needed.


Includes counseling for children and their families in an effort to transform the heart and mind and help improve their quality of life through Gods word.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does child sponsorship work?

Child sponsorship is a one child – one sponsor program. For $35 per month you have an opportunity to invest in a child’s life and be part of their development as they grow.

What benefits does my sponsor child receive?

Children are taught to love God, themselves and their neighbors. Depending on location and availability of services children also receive the opportunity for educational assistance, health and hygiene services and supplemental feeding programs.

How are my sponsorship donations used?

When you sponsor a child Revealing Hope Ministries will use your monthly sponsorship, in combination with donations from other sponsors in your child’s community to support programs for the children. Sponsorships not only benefit the child, but they also benefit the family and community. Also covered are the costs of record keeping, translating and communication. No portion of these funds supports any member of Revealing Hope Ministries..

What kind of interaction can I have with my sponsor child?

When you sponsor a child you are able to share your love with your child through:

  • Sending letters and cards
  • Correspondence through emails
  • Gifts
  • Opportunities to visit

Children will be extremely encouraged to hear from you and learn more about your family. In return you will receive a yearly report, which will include.

  • Updated progress of your child
  • New pictures of your child
  • Program highlights

Child Profiles

Sponsoring a child is one of the most practical and tangible ways to help a child living in poverty. When you sponsor a child, Revealing Hope Ministries will use your monthly sponsorship, in combination with support from other sponsors in your child’s community, to support programs run by Revealing Hope partners and the local church. Children learn about God and families are encouraged to participate in Christ centered programs. In addition, children receive the opportunity for education, health and hygiene services, supplemental feeding programs and more. The cost to sponsor a child is $35.00 per month. Our desire is that you would sponsor a child for minimum of one year, though many sponsors support children as long as they’re in the program.