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Revealing Hope Ministries | Our Work
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Our Work

Compassion Ministry

Compassion ministry was born out of the hearts of those first involved with Revealing Hope. Recognizing how under served Colombia was compared to other countries in the region the team worked with the local government municipality in Nociama, Colombia to subsidized an existing feeding program for school aged children. The first program started in 2010, providing meals for 50 children a day. It wasn’t just the physical food that made a difference, it was the proclamation of the gospel that fed the community.

Feeding, Clothing and Medical Assistance

  • Supplemented over 20,000+ meals for children.
  • New shoes & school uniforms for children.
  • New clothes for a girls orphanage.
  • New clothing and shoes provided through a business sponsored clothing drive.
  • children received dental care and needed medication.

Road to Hope

Road to Hope was designed to inspire, equip and support both the individual and the church. For the individual, economic development consisting of small business loans. Getting Gods word in peoples hands through bible distribution and sponsorships to support child development. The church benefits from training and workshops sponsored by Revealing Hope, In addition to individual and group curriculum and short term mission teams to serve in various capacities.

Sending Servants

  • Short-Term Mission groups
  • Individuals placed for serving assignments in the Education and Medical field

Economical Development

  • Micro-loans given for small business start-up.

Bibles, Christian literature and Curriculum  

Leadership Development and Discipleship Tools 

Scholarships for Education

Helping Hands

Helping Hands are projects developed to assist churches and foundations with resources that would help provide protection for abandon children and a place of refuge for youth at risk. All of the Helping Hands projects are managed directly by associates of Reveling Hope and partnering church or NGO.

Building Homes

  • Housing expansion project to rescue abandon girls – 2010
  • New housing for a widow and her grandchildren – 2011
  • Purchase of a house used for a Community Center – 2012
  • New roof on Community Center – 2013
  • Replaced electrical system in Community Center – 2014