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Revealing Hope Ministries | Putting Back the Pieces
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Putting Back the Pieces

27 Oct Putting Back the Pieces

If you’ve been following us, you’ll remember the tragedy that stuck Puerto Caldas in late August. Escaping with only the clothes on their back, fire destroyed the homes of four families. While temporary food, clothing and shelter were provided, their long- term situation looked bleak. Unfortunately all the victims lived in poverty, so during the month of September we took donations for those affected by the fire. As a result of the generosity of those the Lord used, we were able to help restore the livelihood for two of the families. Whether they use their resourcefulness to build homes, earn an income or both, many residents of the community of Puerto Caldas live by collecting recyclable materials and much of this is done by using converted bicycles (see below). In our view, poverty alleviation does not come by providing a handout, though there are circumstances were relief is needed, but by creating self-worth, equipping the individual to become self-sufficient, while at the same urging them to put their ultimate hope and dependency in God, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.