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Revealing Hope Ministries | Strengthening Communities Through Transformed Lives
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Child Sponsorship

Providing help For Tomorrow

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Through the instrument of the church we seek to strengthen communities through transformed lives.  For every individual or community we serve, it’s our desire that our labor becomes a tool for the advancement of the gospel.

Who we serve

We serve those who demonstrate God’s heart for impoverished families and youth at risk.

What we do

We aid in the development of projects and programs that help alleviate poverty.

Where we work

Our country of focus is currently


Why we do it

Driven by our faith in Christ we have a passion to see lives changed and communities transformed

Make A Difference. Sponsor A Child Today.

The Latest News

  • A little seed planted yields a plentiful crop

    A story of a candy store that flourished by the hands of teenage girls – Girls on the March. The Girls on the March is a group of 15 teenagers that have committed their lives to Christ and are active members involved in serving with......

  • In Their Own Words

    We had gone to the Seeds of Affection House in the early morning to help prepare the food that we were going to serve to the children and elderly that day.  Upon arriving, Pili had come and embraced each one of us.  She held me tightly......

  • Putting Back the Pieces

    If you’ve been following us, you’ll remember the tragedy that stuck Puerto Caldas in late August. Escaping with only the clothes on their back, fire destroyed the homes of four families. While temporary food, clothing and shelter were provided, their long- term situation looked bleak.......

  • Colombia

    Population 48,000,000 – 28th largest in the world, the 2nd most populated in South America. Capital Bogotá: 7,594,000 – This city has the largest population in Colombia, is the 4th most populated in Latin America, and is ranked in the top 20 cities in the......